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Oct 9, 2012 6:00am EDT
to recognize as much of the gold they had seen kaine in trade from mainland mexico, and that gold was in espagnole was way under the ground and not readily accessible. so, you couldn't meet the gold dust tribute. for 30,000 people had their hands chopped off within 50 years 2 million inhabitants of espagnole had been killed or died. so if it was the beginning of a genocidal policy. we know this. but for some reason we are still teaching 1492 christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue discovered a new world. how can you discover a place densely inhabited by other human beings and open the door to this new world set an example for us all and even though george bush the elder statement on the 500th anniversary of columbus' used exactly those words monumental seats, perseverance, established the jubilee commission this great navigator and leader and her native people even ones who don't know the entire history of columbus the just know there's something wrong in that perspective this is part of human nature no human being wants to be judged by their darkest days. no nation wants to be
Oct 23, 2012 6:00am EDT
and have one and a half minutes. i was born in mexico and immigrated since the age of 4. if you are reelected, senator, or if you become a senator, congressman, how will you influence these policies and their related factors? mccaskill: first, we are a nation of immigrants, but i'm a former prosecutor, and i do believe very much in enforcing the law, and i don't think anybody should be allowed to jump the line by breaking the law. so i believe it's very important we enforce those laws, particularly those employers who knowingly hire illegal imgrants. that's the -- immigrants, that's the magnet. i asked how many employers have you prosecuted for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants, taking advantage of them, cheating, not allowing their competitors to have an even playing field. and you know what? they didn't even know. they hadn't emphasized that. we have turned that corner, and now you're beginning to see a drop in illegal immigration, and part of it is because we're enforcing it with employers. on the other hand, we should be stapling a green card to any student in this country who
Oct 30, 2012 6:00am EDT
support a balanced budget enemy to the constitution. >> the race to succeed retiring new mexico senator jeff bingaman is just one of the key how senate and governor's races you can follow on c-span. c-span radio, and at >> fordham law school in new york city held a daylong conference focusing on the balance between government secrecy, transparency and public access to information. national security reporters and law professors analyze national security leaks, including military drone strikes, enhanced interrogation programs, and wikileaks. this event hosted by the center of national security is an hour 30 minutes. >> [inaudible] >> this panel promises to be every bit as electric as the earlier ones, and i think you might not imagine. i want to welcome the moderator, david mccraw, it was new to the center. he has never been to before and i hope this is the first of many such events as. he has one of the most unknown and important jobs that you can imagine. and i'm not sure how to describe it. he probably won't, but he is the assistant general counsel for "
Oct 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
middle east. >> today, the new mexico senate debate between representative martinning heinrich and heather wilson. live coverage from albuquerque starts at 9 p.m. eastern on c-span. and here on c-span2, the debate for the illinois 17th district seat in the u.s. house. representative bill schilling faces democratic challenger cheri bustos starting live at 9 p.m. eastern here on c-span c-span2. >> you're watching c-span2 with politics and public affairs weekday featuring live coverage of the u.s. senate. on weeknights watch key public policy events and every weekend the latest nonfiction authors and books on booktv. you can see past programs and get our schedule at our web site, and you can join in the conversation on social media sites. >> now, the debate in california's 52nd district between republican representative brian bilbray and democratic challenger scott peters, a port commissioner from san diego. this 40-minute debate is courtesy of the san diego union tribune. >> moderator: welcome to the second in a series of ut san diego tv debates on some of the most important issues a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4